Bed foot bench

Explanation of the construction process.

Bear in mind that it does not have any nails or screws.

The wood is cut to the measurements for the parts needed for the bench.

Once the top has rounded corners and edges have been sanded with the spokeshave, I move on to making the legs.

I cut the legs with the corresponding slant, leaving  the tenon for the top.

Then I make the mortise with the same inclination, but without protruding through the top.

To make it stronger and more solid, since the client did not want a tension piece between the bench legs, I put a small triangle slightly inserted in the corner just at the apex of the leg joint and above, in this way making it stronger.

I glue the legs and triangle.

I give the tone desired by the client adding Judean bitumen to the water.

Finally, in the finish I use “Livos” eco oil.