Camper adaptation project

First of all, those of you who follow me know that I tend to work with solid wood. However, due to a proposal made by a couple of friends I took on this project because I found it inspiring. 

This is a brief summary of what I did:

-I used poplar plywood.

-Once cut to the required measurements I perforated it to make it lighter and to ensure the bed base would be ventilated.

-I made a central internal box and another external one for cooking.

-I put in metal runners to make it easy to open.

-I made the box at the back long enough and high enough to support the head of the bed and included storage space.

-I also perforated it to reduce weight and allow for cleaning.

-I used a piano hinge for the 3 parts of the bed and the door.

-The door has a  compass close doors so that it closes slowly and finishes with a click mechanism for safety.

-I varnished it with a strong varnish in case it gets wet or damp.

 Finally we fitted it in the van and it was perfect!

Happy travelling!!!