Coffee Table

From a piece of Ash 21cm wide and 2,5cm thick.

I cut what is needed for the tabletop 75cm diametre.

I planed, thicknessig the pieces.

I glue them with some biscuits for a better fit.

I press well using clamps. 

I cut out the circumference 2,5 cm extra in order to be able to cut it with the circular saw and make a more perfect circle.

I rout the underneath to the desired angle.

I sand the whole top 


As I don´t have a lathe, I use a template to make cylindrical legs with a circular saw.

I then file and sand them well using the cabinetmaker blade and sandpaper.

I cut the legs to the desired angle. 

I fix them with 3 well glued dowels

I give it a good finish with 3 coats of Livos organic oil.