wood Necklace the Making of

First of all I emphasize that I work with used wood and / or recovered. A way to contribute to be as sustainable as possible and with the utmost respect for the environment.

The essence of craft is the basis of my work, as each piece is unique and unique. I take advantage of the imperfections of each piece of wood.

Treating each creation with respect, done with care, delicacy and a lot of love and using finishes with natural and ecological products,

Now I will make a brief summary of how I make my wooden pendants:

– We will choose the type of wood.

– We will cut the size of the pendant.

– We will drill where the leather goes.

– We will cut in the middle or giving it the desired shape.

– We polish every corner of the piece well.

– We will spend the esparto.

– We will put oil or wax depending on how we want the finish.

– We will place the leather.

– We will put the fence or drainage knot.

– And we will have it ready with its packaging.