Camper adaptation project

First of all, those of you who follow me know that I tend to work with solid wood. However, due to a proposal made by a couple of friends I took on this project because I found it inspiring. 

This is a brief summary of what I did:

-I used poplar plywood.

-Once cut to the required measurements I perforated it to make it lighter and to ensure the bed base would be ventilated.


Coffee Table

From a piece of Ash 21cm wide and 2,5cm thick.

I cut what is needed for the tabletop 75cm diametre.


Bed foot bench

Explanation of the construction process.

Bear in mind that it does not have any nails or screws.

The wood is cut to the measurements for the parts needed for the bench.


Wooden animals

It all started with the request made by a loyal animal-loving client, which led me to investigate what she was asking me to make: Wooden animals for children.


wood Necklace the Making of

First of all I emphasize that I work with used wood and / or recovered. A way to contribute to be as sustainable as possible and with the utmost respect for the environment.

The essence of craft is the basis of my work, as each piece is unique and unique. I take advantage of the imperfections of each piece of wood.